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The Wildcards

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The Wildcards

While he is a technologist by trade, Keyvan Azami enjoys music and also considers himself an amateur musician. He blogs about music, plays the guitar, and has even been a part of a band with a group of his co-workers, called Wildcards.

Wildcards was originally formed to play for a charity event, but continued finding work at large holiday parties. Wildcards plays a variety of rock and pop ranging from more recent numbers to true classics. Videos of the band’s performances can be found on their YouTube channel, their Google+ page, or their website,

While playing more electric guitar, Mr. Azami has also had the chance to re-discover many of his earlier musical influences. He blogs about his musical musings and shares the reasons why he enjoys specific songs. Sometimes the reason he enjoys a specific song is because of the guitar part, which he can imagine being played as he listens. He is a fan of a variety of classic rock, similar to what his band might play.