Light the Night

With more than a decade of experience in investment banking front office technology, Keyvan Azami serves as the head of FI Derivatives Electronic Trading technology at Bloomberg LP in New York. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Keyvan Azami supports several charitable initiatives, including the Light the Night annual walk for leukemia and lymphoma.

Each fall in North America and Australia, supporters gather for an evening walk to raise funds and awareness for blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma. Neighbors and co-workers form teams to solicit donations, and retail stores often join the cause and also collect donations. Walkers carry lighted lanterns, with survivors carrying white lanterns and supporters carrying red lanterns in the U.S. and blue lanterns in Australia. Those who have lost someone to blood cancer carry gold lanterns. The walking distances vary by community and often depend on local geography.

The funds raised by Light the Night support research efforts, education programs to raise public awareness, and advocacy efforts to ensure access to treatments. Some funds also provide personalized assistance to people with the diseases.

The 2014 Light the Night Walk in Manhattan occurred on September 18. Thousands of people gathered at the intersection of West and Christopher streets and walked south for about a mile, lighting the way with their lanterns. The walk ended at Hudson River Park’s Pier 26. Of the corporate teams, Barclays was the most successful fundraiser with more than double the contributions achieved by the second place team.


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